Question about GNUPG in AIX environment

Toshiaki Suzuki
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 13:16:04 +0900

My name is Toshiaki Suzuki NTT Communications, Japan.
This is my first time to write to this Mailing-list.

I have a question about Instration of GNUPG to
AIX environment.
Could you give me information, if you have?

Now,we are developing E-mail encryption system
between Solaris machine and  AIX machine. But now,
we can't install GNUPG to AIX environment.
The version of AIX is AIX 4.2.0 and hardware is
RS6000 J40.
Can GNUPG run on this environment?

Installation of GNUPG fails when installer uses
assembler because makefile can't recognize assembler.
Even if we write AS in makefile directly which installer use, 
Installation of GNUPG fails.

I'm looking forward to your reply.
					Best Regards.