Question about GNUPG in AIX environment
Tue, 11 Apr 2000 14:00:43 +0900> Now,we are developing E-mail encryption system> between Solaris machine and  AIX machine. But now,> we can't install GNUPG to AIX environment.> The version of AIX is AIX 4.2.0 and hardware is> RS6000 J40.> Can GNUPG run on this environment?

there have been reports about using gnupg under aix in the past.  my
current impression is that the version of gcc that one uses to compile
gnupg may make a different -- 2.7.3.x and 2.95 (and above) were
recommended.  i also got the impression that using gnu make might

look in the september archives for 1999:

for a thread titled "Unable to compile on AIX 4.2.1".

if i understood the discussion correctly, one person did not have any
success compiling:

  Darren Henderson <>

while there appear to be two people who did manage:

  Werner Koch <> 
  Michael Roth <> 

good luck.