option for specifying lanugage?

sen_ml@eccosys.com sen_ml@eccosys.com
Wed, 12 Apr 2000 18:23:50 +0900

thanks for your response -- i'll pass it on to the author of the program.

a few comments though...

wk> $ LANG=it gpg foo
wk> (assuming a Bourne/POSIX shell)

> one of the paragraphs in my original message that you did not quote
> mentions the fact that at least one program (i presume there are more)
> has been written to process english gnupg messages. assuming that
wk> No program should process GnuPG messages; programs should use the wk> output of --status-fd. If a program needs to process the messages it wk> should reset the locale variables. The test scripts for example do wk> this. ok -- i'll send this feedback on.
> -having the program forcibly specify /bin/sh seems like a
> waste of starting up an extra process
wk> Giving environment variables for a program is part of the shell wk> syntax. No extra process. i think we are talking about different things here -- or may be i am just confused.
> -forcing the user to set an environment variable every time they use gpg
> doesn't make sense
wk> I can't see a reason to have just gpg emit English messages and other wk> programs use the locale message version. i am not sure what you mean here. thanks for your feedback!