Lars Hecking
Sat, 15 Apr 2000 02:56:48 +0100

> > I totally agree with you on this point. However, I'm interpreting
> > Warner's statment as expressing his disappointment that people are
> > 'foolishly' still trying to use the concept of license keys to restrict
> > software. Kinda goes against everything the FSF is against; not that it
> > minds _that_much_ that people still exhausting energy trying :)
> It's sort of like when people take a product with the BSD license and make
> changes and release it under the GPL. It annoys the original authors
> incredibly, but it is quite legal.
That's because the BSD licence has more freedom than the GPL. BSD vs. GPL wars are bloody boring. Instead, take a licence that only allows you to distribute modifications as patches, and the original authors and (C) holders have dropped out of development ages ago. That is _real_ fun:-(