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diana mathew dmat@ozemail.com.au
Thu, 20 Apr 2000 18:01:53 +0930

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From: diana mathew <dmat@ozemail.com.au>
To: gnu@gnu.org <gnu@gnu.org>
Date: Thursday, 20 April 2000 18:00
Subject: subscribe

>I am a recent subscriber of your service and I think I may have accidently
>sent and unsubscribe email to you recently. I had today received your
>information which triggered me to the mistake I made. If your unsubscribe
>facility takes a few days to go through and it is not immediate I have just
>snuck through on this one. Is there any way that can be checked??
>My email address is dmat@ozemail.com.au
>I hope I haven't caused any extra work for anyone, if I have I do
>Diana Mathew