Exit status and failed decryption of session key

Florian Weimer Florian.Weimer@rus.uni-stuttgart.de
25 Apr 2000 17:34:15 +0200

Frank Tobin <ftobin@uiuc.edu> writes:

> In GnuPG you don't follow options with equals '='.
The GNU conventions require that "=" works, and GnuPG seems to follow these conventions (see the arg_parse() function). -- Florian Weimer Florian.Weimer@RUS.Uni-Stuttgart.DE University of Stuttgart http://cert.uni-stuttgart.de/ RUS-CERT +49-711-685-5973/fax +49-711-685-5898 http://ca.uni-stuttgart.de:11371/pks/lookup?op=get&search=0xC06EC3B5