why I cannot unsubscribe from myself

Horacio MG homega@ciberia.es (Horacio)
Thu, 27 Apr 2000 00:21:51 +0200

El mié, 26 de abr de 2000, a las 10:47:54 +0200, Pierre-Henri SENESI dijo:

> I fear that the maintainer (mailto:listmaster@gnupg.org) is the only
> person to fire, and the only one able to solve the problem.
Yeah, good idea, let's fire the maintainer and... you know what? we'll have to go back to using untrusted systems. -- Horacio Anno MMDCCLIII aUC homega@ciberia.es Valencia - ESPAÑA -------------------------------------------------------------------- Key fingerprint = F4EE AE5E 2F01 0DB3 62F2 A9F4 AD31 7093 4233 7AE6