GNUPG and PGP FreeWare 6.5.3

Thu, 10 Aug 2000 18:02:29 -0400

I am having the most trouble using these two together (GNUPG in Linux
and PGP 6.5.3 on Win95).  I have read countless posts and messages on
this, and none have given me a complete answer.  Reading that GNUPG has
some security enhancements over PGP, I decided to create my keys with it
using Option 1 and 1536 bit encryption.  Everything worked fine (in
Linux): encrypting, decrypting, signing, etc.
I exported my public and private keys (gpg --export-secret-key --output
keys.gpg and tried to import them into PGP
6.5.3.  PGP said it was corrupted.  If I use the tag '--export' instead
of '--export-secret-key', it imports fine but I don't have the secret
key in PGP.  So....  I deleted the GNUPG keys and created a pair in PGP
with CAST5 encryption (DH/DSS 1536), knowing beforehand GNUPG needed
this kind of encryption.  I exported it with 6.0 extensions and with the
private key.  Importing them into GNUPG was a piece of cake and works
great (I can encrypt files in GNUPG and de-crypt them in PGP... and
This leads back to my original problem.  Is it possible to take
advantage of GNUPG security enhancements and still use those keys in PGP
in win95?  
Thanks before hand to anyone able or willing to help.

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