GNUPG and PGP FreeWare 6.5.3

Oliver Bode
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 10:01:55 +1000

> Hello.
> I am having the most trouble using these two together (GNUPG in Linux
> and PGP 6.5.3 on Win95). I have read countless posts and messages on
> this, and none have given me a complete answer. Reading that GNUPG has
> some security enhancements over PGP, I decided to create my keys with it
> using Option 1 and 1536 bit encryption. Everything worked fine (in
> Linux): encrypting, decrypting, signing, etc.
> I exported my public and private keys (gpg --export-secret-key --output
> keys.gpg and tried to import them into PGP
> 6.5.3. PGP said it was corrupted. If I use the tag '--export' instead
> of '--export-secret-key', it imports fine but I don't have the secret
> key in PGP. So.... I deleted the GNUPG keys and created a pair in PGP
> with CAST5 encryption (DH/DSS 1536), knowing beforehand GNUPG needed
> this kind of encryption. I exported it with 6.0 extensions and with the
> private key. Importing them into GNUPG was a piece of cake and works
> great (I can encrypt files in GNUPG and de-crypt them in PGP... and
> vice-versa).
> This leads back to my original problem. Is it possible to take
> advantage of GNUPG security enhancements and still use those keys in PGP
> in win95?
> Thanks before hand to anyone able or willing to help.
I was successfully able to do the following last night: First create keys in gpg leave the password option empty. Then export the secret key using the following: gpg --export-secret-keys --no-comment -a foo >foo.asc Then open foo.asc in Windows PGP6.5.1 and change the password - this works.
>From here I have two choices in making the keys compatible: work out how to
change the password in GPG or import the PGP key pair back into GPG. I was wondering if anyone knows if the RSA module in GPG will make any difference to the exporting of secret keys? Thanks, Oliver -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to