GnuPG and Kmail

Felix Karpfen
Sun, 13 Aug 2000 16:01:19 +1000

Several weeks ago I posted this query to a KDE newsgroup - the correct
destination for such a query.

To date, the answer has been a deafening silence.

I am therefore venturing to post it to this list on the offchance that
another subscriber has also encountered the flagged problem and
found a solution.   If so, I would welcome the advice.

The problem relates to the advice in the latest Kmail User manual that
includes the following paragraph:
This is a short introduction on how to setup KMail's pgp support.

 It will give some hints on the use of pgp too. It's written for
people who are beginners in this area. If you are familiar with the
use of pgp, you can skip most of the steps. **(Note that working with
GnuPG is generally the same, but some command line parameters may be

I am not in a position to affirm or deny that Kmail works with PGP as
described in the subsequent paragraphs.  However, I can say that Kmail
does not recognise any of the gpg commands that now work perfectly from
the command line and Kmail's  Composer screen the `sign' and `encrypt' 
icons and the option to `attach my public key' continue to be shown as
`not available'

Felix Karpfen


Felix Karpfen

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