A suggested addition to the next edition of GPG Manual - Chapter 1

Felix Karpfen felkarp@pcug.org.au
Sat, 12 Aug 2000 09:27:55 +1000

I believe that I have finally unscrambled my problems and have GPG
fully operational.

I would have got there sooner and not tried the patience of several
contributors to this mailing list, if Chapter 1 of the Manual had been
more explicit about the significance of the file identifiers .gpg, .asc
and .sig.

By a combination of helpful replies to my queries and trial and error I
believe I have managed to sort it all out.  The supplied examples in
Chapter 1 all use the required syntax;  however, it is not immediately
obvious that this also appears to be the <demanded/preferred> syntax.  
I refer specifically to the identifiers for signed files, for the
`revoke' file and for importing keys.  This comment might be premature
and these routines may all work equally well with other file
identifiers (specified by the --output option?).  However, if my
Newbie experiences are typical, I can see merit in an additional
paragraph in Chapter 1, that explicitly suggests the file identifiers
that have been found to be the most appropriate.

Felix Karpfen
Felix Karpfen

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