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Subject: User accounts with IIS 4
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I have been trying to get GnuPGP working on an NT 4 Server (SP6a) running
IIS4 and set up as follows:

GnuPGP is installed in a directory called d:\iis\websites\gnupg.
The registry key suggested has been added to Hkey_Users/Default.
The website is set to run with the default "IUSR_CNDC2" account.
All relevant permissions 

When you try to execute a PGP command from a PHP script the command fails to
run.  However if I change the name of the "IUSR_CNDC" (i.e. without the 2)
it works correctly.  Other possibilites include naming the account simply
"xxx", but "xxxx" does not seem to work.  This behaviour can be replicated
on two independent machines.
Please could you advise on the reason for this behaviour what characters I
can/cannot use in usernames.
Many Thanks
Mark O'Dell
The Helpdesk Team


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