Pb decrypting with PGP 6.5.3 and GnuPG

Mr Griffon griffon9@hotmail.com
Thu, 31 Aug 2000 07:19:26 GMT

Well in fact I had already started designing a neat Windows frontend for 
gnupg, with all the bells'n whitles (Win98 style toolbars, etc...). Then I 
found out that the current version of GnuPG for Windows has absolutely NO 
way of getting the secret key password from another program. This means 
that, no matter what, when decrypting something, the front-end had to let 
GnuPG open a shell window and have the user type in his password there... 
since I don't know much C, I can't do anything else than wait that this is 
fixed. The gnome front-end is possible because the password passing feature 
exists and works on the Unix version of GnuPG. I quite don't understand why 
there's no "secret-password-is" option for GnuPG that lets someone pass the 
password directly, it is not less secure than having someone type it 

>If you already have code for it (delphi front-end) i could help out. i have
>delphi experience mostly database stuff and winapi.
>because i feel the need in our lab initially for running silent/encrypted
>maybe eventually to be used by instructors at our college.
>i have been almost always at the recieving end of gpl using
>samba/lprng/gpg/openssh maybe its time to give
>something back to the community. sorry for the speech, i really wanna help
>btw. have u seen the gnome frontend for pgp, maybe we could use it as a
>user-interface template or something.
>again good day to you people.
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>On 8/28/00 at 9:57 AM Mr Griffon wrote:
> >Well my goal was not so much to use PGP but to provide a GUI to decode
> >messages under Windows. So far GPA is Unix only, and GnuPG for Windows is
> >command-line only. I did a little app with Delphi to help my users, but
> >still have to type their password under a command line every time they
> >to decode something, which is not good when you do that 100 times a day
> >
> >I know GnuPG has a way to automate decoding with the option passphrase-fd
> >but that seems to be only for Unix. So far I quite don't see how to
> >under Windows (but if someone knows, I'd be cool because making a win32
> >for GnuPG would be really easy and quick with Delphi !)
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