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Jack McKinney
Tue, 5 Dec 2000 09:54:14 -0600

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The popular encoding program Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) got a competition wh=
ich can be taken seriously: Gnu
Privacy Guard (Gnu PG). Safety experts from all world call the program one =
of the best encoding systems on the
market. Even from official page there is support. Thus for example the Fede=
ral Ministry for Economic Affairs belongs
to the promoters of the program. Actually a E-Mail has in fact the status o=
f a postcard. Practically everyone can
along-read the message. It can change and to the addressee pass it on even =
without knowledge of sender and
recipient. Who wants to prevent that, an encoding program must use. The sof=
tware most popular with distance is
Pretty Good Privacy. But some openly put weak points to have many users fri=

The encoding program Pretty Good Privacy applied with its conception as abs=
olutely safe system. If PGP with the
sender and recipient are in the use, the Mitlesen of confidential Mails is =
almost excluded through third. PGP checked
automatically, whether the Mail was changed during the feed of the sender t=
o the recipient, and supplies a
high-grade safe digital signature. The used procedure for the encoding offe=
rs an enormous number of different codes.
A value not crackable after today's yardsticks.=20

But PGP is guessed/advised into the criticism. The software with the source=
 text is delivered, but the manufacturer
for itself wants to keep some secrets. Thus PGP permits the mechanism of th=
ird keys, whereby many users lost the
confidence into the safety software. Already since some time rumors circula=
te that national organizations can
along-read as for example the US data police national Security Agency (NSA)=
 encoded Mails with the help of a
general key. Safety experts warn therefore already for a long time to trust=
 PGP blindly. Differently it looks with the
Gnu Privacy Guard. The free program is constantly improved and extended by =
many " leisure programmers ". Since
to it the entire source text must be for order, also no secret back doors c=
an be inserted. For the first time Gnu PG was
introduced by the Duesseldorfer Werner cook in September 1999 for the opera=
ting system Unix. Since then is the
software for numerous other systems available, among them also for Windows =
9x, Windows NT, Linux, OS/2 and
Sun OS.=20

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