export secring

Stefan H. Holek stefan@epy.co.at
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 04:08:51 +0100 (CET)

On Sun, 10 Dec 2000 theo.krueck@gmx.de wrote:

> is there a way to import private-keys in PGP Freeware Version?
This is a quote I once saved:
> By default, I think GnuPG encrypts your secret key using the Blowfish
> symmetric algorithm. PGP will only understand 3DES, CAST5, or IDEA
> symmetric algorithms. The following method works for me:
> $ gpg --s2k-cipher-algo=CAST5 --s2k-digest-algo=SHA1 --compress-algo=1 \
> --edit-key username
> then use passwd to change the password (just change it to the same
> thing, but it will encrypt the key with CAST5 this time).
> Now you can export it and PGP should be able to handle it. -Todd
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