Piping with Win32

Rich rich@cnylug.org
Sun, 10 Dec 2000 21:25:58 -0500

On Mon, 11 Dec 2000 03:10:48 +0100 or Thereabouts
The voices in my head told me that "Marcus" <lists@wordit.com> said:

> "On 10.12.00 at 12:26 Jordi Negrevernis i Font wrote:
> >Try
> >gpg --list-keys | more"
> That is what one would expect to work. My key list is only two lines,
> so I can't tell if it works. I'm guessing you already tried the above?
Yes, and I'm an idiot. :-) I figured out the problem today. To save enviroment space (so my path doesn't get way out of hand) I put a directory in my path that contains batch files that I use to call many of the programs and utils that I frequently use. I was calling GPG from a batch file, and that was why it wasn't working. I simply added gnupg to my path directly (no longer using a batch file) and piping works fine now. MY FAULT. :-) Rich... ________________________________________ The Central New York Linux User Group Now with one of them web page thingies! www.cnylug.org <-> rich@XXXcnylug.org -- Archive is at http://lists.gnupg.org - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to gnupg-users-request@gnupg.org