Error/Warning when decrypting messages with my own key ?

Peter Biechele Peter Biechele <>
Mon, 11 Dec 2000 12:33:13 GMT

Hello !

I have a problem using gnupg 1.0.4. I have created my own key pair and 
have given it to somebody else. He is encrypting a file using my public 
key (PGP >6.5). Then  I can decrypt this message using my own private 
key. This works fine, except that it always displays an error message 

A file encrypted by „other Company“ with the pulbic key of „Our Company“, 
decrypted again using the private key of „O'ur Company“:
Sie benötigen ein Mantra, um den geheimen Schlüssel zu entsperren.
Benutzer: "Our Company"
1024-Bit ELG-E Schlüssel, ID E06A7F65, erzeugt 2000-09-04 
(Hauptschlüssel-ID A199E467)

gpg: verschlüsselt mit ELG-E Schlüssel, ID A502F3A2
gpg: kein geheimer Schlüssel zur Entschlüsselung vorhanden
gpg: verschlüsselt mit 3072-Bit ELG-E Schlüssel, ID 1756B1C4, erzeugt 
      "Other Company"
gpg: kein geheimer Schlüssel zur Entschlüsselung vorhanden     

What does it mean ???
It DOES decrypt the file, but still displays this warning/error ?? 
Is the encryption not correct or do we decrypt with wrong parameters or 
is it just a PGP/GnuPG warning ???

Thank you for any help !



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