Possible bug?

Ben Keitch bkeitch@ow61.openworld.co.uk
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 18:10:29 GMT

Please CC me, as I am not on your list.

We have just upgraded to 1.0.4 and have noticed the following warning:

gpg: this cipher algorithm is depreciated; please use a more standard one!

This only occurs on encryption with a key generated with a local copy of gpg. Using a key generated with another copy of gpg-1.0.4 on another (reasonably identical) machine doesn't cause this problem. Firstly what does this warning mean? Unfortunatley we can not use gpg with this warning occuring, as it breaks our scripts. Secondly why does it only occur in the manner described? My only thought is that the signing process is what is causing this warning.

We run on Slackware 7.0 Linux on Intel 386. I can send you any other information you need, but I don't know what is relevant. We are using Diffie Hellman keys i.e. ElGamal.

In the mean time we are having to use gpg-1.0.1 as it is the last working version.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Ben Keitch Open World Developer

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