question regarding gnupg in my regular signature

Bryan K. Walton
Wed, 13 Dec 2000 13:37:41 -0600

	Greetings to the list.  I am relatively new to GPG and am trying to get it configured with Mutt like I want it.  I have a question regarding adding my GPG signature to my regular email signature (such as below).  Is it Ok to do this?  Do many people do this?  Are there any negatives to doing this?  I have noticed that if I sign my emails, using the Mutt autosign feature, that some folks using email programs like Eudora receive my gpg signature in the form of an attachment that their email program doens't know how to read. 
	What is the real difference between signing my emails, and just sending a copy of my signature in the email signature line?
	I hope that my question makes sense.

Bryan Walton

Bryan K. Walton
Network Operations Center Analyst
5520 Research Park Drive  Madison, Wisconsin 53711

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