GPG key not fully accepted by public key servers
Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:32:16 -0600

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I have a public key that has two subkeys.  One is an encryption subkey with
expiration date, and the other is a signing subkey with expiration date. =

The output of 'gpg --list-keys roadrunner' is:
pub  1024D/00292648 2000-11-15 AJ Lewis (Roadrunner) <>
uid                            AJ Lewis <>
sub  1024g/9809FA0D 2000-11-15 [expires: 2001-05-14]
sub  1024D/6B5D8CB1 2000-11-15 [expires: 2001-11-15]

When I submit this public key to a keyserver such as
get this error:

Key block in add request contained no new
keys, userid's, or signatures.
Your key block contained 1 format errors,
which were treated as if the erroneous elements
hadn't been part of your submission.
The last error was on key 0xee72a386:
Key block corrupt: more than one signature on subk

The interesting thing is that part of the key is accepted so people can sti=
download it, but I use the second subkey for most of my signing, and that is
truncated from the key.  Does anyone know why this would be?  I can send my
ASCII armored public key as well if that would be helpful.

Please CC me to any response as I am not on the mailing list.

AJ Lewis
Sistina Software Inc.                  Voice:  612-379-3951
1313 5th St SE, Suite 111              Fax:    612-379-3952
Minneapolis, MN 55414                  E-Mail:
Current GPG fingerprint =3D 3B5F 6011 5216 76A5 2F6B  52A0 941E 1261 0029 2=

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