GnuPG 1.0.4-1 + IDEA for Windows

24 Dec 2000 11:06:39 -0800

>>>>> "KR" == Keith Ray <> writes:
KR> I guess that's why no one has EVER asked for an IDEA capable KR> Windows version? I guess there are no Windows users who might KR> want to communicate with PGP 2.6x users or use most remailers? Well, we can't always get what we want, can we? This isn't a matter of design or functionality, it's a matter of the law. Why isn't that getting through to you? KR> I am not trying to prove a point. I merely wish to allow KR> those who want a GnuPG+IDEA binary to be able to have one. I KR> give it away free and provide source. Isn't that the point of KR> Free Software? If commercial users don't want it, they can KR> download the official release. But for all noncommercial KR> users, there is NO reason why they shouldn't be able to have KR> IDEA support. Yeah, except it's patented, and you're therefore breaking the GPL. KR> The no patents clause of the GPL is stupid! Whatever! Don't use the software if you don't agree to the license. And especially don't redistribute it! If you really strongly disagree with the GPL on this matter, why don't you build your own damn encryption system, put whatever patented crap you want in it, and distribute it? KR> Why can't we provide TWO versions and let the users decide KR> which best meets there needs? Well, at the very least, you're requiring some expensive lawyer time to get you to do something that you know you're going to have to do eventually. What good does that do? KR> The unix users have had this choice for some time, why are the KR> Window's users less deserving? I am not taking anything away KR> from Werner or anyone else. You know, that's not for us to decide. It's the patent holder that's decided it, and there is a work-around already. The workaround is there because of the patents. KR> So it's real simple. Either leave me alone and let the users KR> decide which version they want, or force me to stop. I am not KR> trying to steal anyone's work or make money off it. No, you're just being confrontational and obnoxious with someone who's given you a gift. That's got to be the most dickheaded thing in the world. Werner and tons of other people worked REAL HARD to make GnuPG for you. They've done a lot to give you absolutely free encryption. And they even did everything they could within the bounds of the law to make it work with PGP. They've thought it through more than you. They gave you the software for FREE, under some very easy terms (the GPL). You are breaking those terms and acting like you're being put upon. Creep. KR> I am merely adding some much requested functionality. ...which is not in there for a very good reason. God, you're an ass. ~ESP -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ESP <> | "Fan belts break at 3AM. I get mad, drinks get spilled." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to