GnuPG, Winblows, Speed, Key Management

Brian Minton
Wed, 27 Dec 2000 10:49:42 -0600

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On Wed, Dec 27, 2000 at 01:49:23PM +0100, Toni Mueller wrote:

> - Problem #1: There appears to be no good Winblows interface for it,
> or at least no good way to hook it into Outlook, IE, Netscape there,
> what have you.
I think that is being worked on. for instance, there was some discussion about WinPT (I think that is right)
> - Problem #2: It's dog slow. I have still less than 300 keys in my
> keyring (expecting to double that soon), and often find myself
> interrupting gpg to read the message instead of waiting to verify
> the signature. Similar things hold for signing or encrypting a
> message.
I have more experience with pgp for linux, so this is not completely relevant, but the pgp I have is much slower than gpg. like it will take about 75 seconds to extract a key, all the while running at full cpu usage...
> - Problem #3: I have adjusted gpg to fetch keys on demand from a
> keyserver. My experience is that these key servers apparently
> don't synchronize their data sets in a reasonable time frame
> (weeks!), so I end up fetching keys from varying servers. This
> is __very__ inconvenient, and of course unsuitable to the casual
> Winblows user. How do I go about this?
I have encountered this problem too, but it is the same with pgp for windows, as far as I have seen. Theoretically, the keyservers should be more in sync with each other, but in my experience, is the most troublesome. most of the other ones (,, etc.) seem to be better about it.
> - Problem #4: What to do in the face of massive distribution and
> promotion of Sphinx which is also _not_ interoperable with any
> kind of PGP?
pardon my ignorance, but I've never heard of Sphinx, what is it? - -- Brian Minton Caution: in case of rapture, this computer will be unoccupied! PGP 0xE177AFF0 fingerprint AB94 E395 78CE 0967 2542 A7B3 178C 3E66 E177 AFF0 -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v1.0.4 (GNU/Linux) Comment: For info see iD8DBQE6Sh2ep0PPDCS0QgIRAjaTAJwJhkgIKJmfFTfk0FPQ860GBmfSbACeOdeJ 4ujwEtIjNiyqKJBMuvQs3AU= =+56O -----END PGP SIGNATURE----- -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to