Help with a PGP equivelent command line

Greg McKean
Fri, 4 Feb 2000 11:47:47 -0600

To Whom it may concern,
First off thank you to everybody who has already helped me. I belive I've
got everything set up correctly on my webserver and can do a
'gnu --list-keys' and 'gnu --list-private-keys' successfully through an
artificial telnet session. (Perl script that allows me to see the output of
shell commands) Now what I need to do is take a regular file, encrypt it,
then send the results through email.

Now I have a couple of questions concerning the command line I will need to
encrypt the actuall data.
In PGP 2.6.2 I would use the command line:
/path/to/pgp_binary/pgp.bin -feat +VERBOSE=0 public_key_userid <

I then capture the encrypted output from perl with something like:
$pgp_output = `$pgp_command` ;

Is there a command in gpg like the -f UNIX filter mode command in pgp? Do I
even need it?

>From what I've read so far would it go something like this:
/path/to/gpg_binary/gpg.bin -eaq public_key_userid < pgp_input_file Is there a closer match to the pgp command than this? Any drawbacks? Also is it better to set all your options from the command line or would it make more sense to put them in the options file? Thanks again, Greg McKean PC Geek