subject line -- to hide or not to hide
Tue, 08 Feb 2000 17:09:25 +0900

thank you for the response.

> On Tue, 8 Feb 2000, wrote:
> i've been wondering whether there is a good way to keep the subject
> of a message confidential w/o losing the convenience for the recipient
> of having a meaningful subject line.
wk> I use a subject line with something which is not related to to the wk> message like "Beer or Wine" or "Eat potatoes". This way you can wk> easily figure out to which thread a message belongs but you are not wk> giving away any information. There may be an interconnection wk> somewhere deep in the brain and psychologists may find a way to deduce wk> some information from the subject line. I think this is a much lower wk> risk than all the information you can get from traffic analysis. let me begin by saying that i have tried this in the past. when the number of messages involved that are treated this way is small, i agree that it is actually not such a bad idea. btw, i agree w/ you about the "deep interconnection" -- i do not worry about that ;-) when the number of messages that you deal w/ grows, then i submit that it is not a practical solution. it certainly doesn't work well for me right now -- months after i have sent or received certain messages w/ cryptic subject lines. wk> If you want to encrypt the subject you should use MIME and encrypt an wk> entire message as an rfc822 attachment. yes, i could do this -- this solution and the one you mentioned above are practical in the situation where the number of such messages remain small. when the number of such messages grows and the time since reception or sending of message grows to a certain length, it is not very practical. if there is no method of dealing w/ this intelligently, i think some mechanism should be designed. i would like to hear the opinions of other users of gnupg/pgp as well.