subject line -- to hide or not to hide

Jonas Steverud
08 Feb 2000 10:41:26 +0100 writes:


> if there is no method of dealing w/ this intelligently, i think some
> mechanism should be designed.
I think whatever scheme you decide on, it have to have support for it in the mailer. You have to rely on the reciever has the latest version of compilant software. I think it would be more work then neccessary.
> i would like to hear the opinions of other users of gnupg/pgp as well.
I think "semi-bogus" subjectlines will solve the problem as nicely. I.e. don't say "The party at you place on saturday" but "Regarding the weekend". That could refer to everything from parties to murdering your local member of parliment. If you are afraid someone will respond some months later, add some other identifier like the date. -- ( GnuPG/PGP key @ ! Wei Wu Wei ) ( U2MoL, Roleplaying, LaTeX, Emacs/Gnus, etc. ! To Do Without Do )