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Juan Carlos Castro y Castro
Tue, 08 Feb 2000 17:53:31 -0200

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Sungod, sorry for the e-mail. Should've gone to the list.

sungod wrote:

> On Tue, Feb 08, 2000 at 05:09:25PM +0900, ( wrote:
> >
> > if there is no method of dealing w/ this intelligently, i
> > think some mechanism should be designed.
> >
> > i would like to hear the opinions of other users of gnupg/pgp as well.
> Several friends and I were debating the other day about the gains and losses that would be imposed if the entire Sendmail-based email system as we know it were scrapped for an XML-based system. This is purely hypothetical, as a complete replacement of the entire Internet email infrastructure as we know it is practically impossible, (techish snipped)
Would it? It would take a lot of time, yes, but I don't see it as impossible. Alternative means of communication are indeed capable of gaining acceptance (see ICQ, which is proprietary and doesn't cover everything conventional e-mail does). A well-though-out system like the one you described, capable of sender authentication, nonrefutation, spam protection, powerful formatting, seamless encryption/signing etc etc etc... could very well be built up and thrust upon the unsuspecting public. If it does everything e-mail does, I'd bet in 5 years SMTP would go the way of typewriters. Utopian regards Juan --------------29956617DB2CADE1B247D1BA Content-Type: text/x-vcard; charset=us-ascii; name="jcastro.vcf" Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit Content-Description: Card for Juan Carlos Castro y Castro Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="jcastro.vcf" begin:vcard n:Castro;Juan tel;work:55 (21) 540-9100 x-mozilla-html:FALSE url: org:APPI Informática Ltda.;Desenvolvimento adr:;;Av. Ataulfo de Paiva, 135/1410;Rio de Janeiro;RJ;22449-900;Brazil version:2.1 email; title:Consultor note;quoted-printable:One man alone cannot fight the future. USE LINUX!=0D=0A-----BEGIN GEEK CODE BLOCK-----=0D=0AVersion: 3.1=0D=0AGIT d- s+:+ a C++$ U++@$ P+ L++ E--- W++ N+ o? K- w++$=0D=0AO- M->+ V-- PS+ PE Y+ PGP+ t+ 5- X++ R tv+ b++ DI++ D++=0D=0AG e++ h r+++ y+++=0D=0A------END GEEK CODE BLOCK------=0D=0A x-mozilla-cpt:;31776 fn:Juan Carlos Castro y Castro end:vcard --------------29956617DB2CADE1B247D1BA--