sparc32 & gnupg speed problems?

Lars Hecking
Thu, 13 Jan 2000 15:33:26 +0000

Chris Ruffin writes:

> Hello, I'm using gnupg on both sparc32 and linux platforms. I've
> noticed a tremendous speed difference between the two platforms, and
> was wondering if there was something I was doing wrong. Signing an
> e-mail message with gnupg on a sparc workstation (ultra 1) takes about
> 20 seconds, while my trusty 486/50 MHz Linux machine signs the same
> message (using the same key) in about a second flat. I compiled gnupg
> for sparc myself using:
> ./configure --disable-nls --disable-dev-random --prefix=$HOME
> The linux gnupg was installed from the standard debian package.
> Is anyone aware of any speed related issues with sparc32?
You are using the standard Unix random gatherer? The section near the top of gpg's install file states: ... --enable-static-rnd=<name> Force the use of the random byte gathering module <name>. Default is either to use /dev/random or the standard Unix module. Value for name: ... unix - Use the standard Unix module which does not have a very good performance. ... You should go and try egd, that what I use here on Solaris.