using gnupg with minivend

Joseph Conrad
Sat, 01 Jul 2000 18:14:02 -0600

Dear Opensource Users,

    I use a "shopping cart" program called MiniVend on a Redhat
machine.  I need to secure the transfer of credit card numbers via
MiniVend suggests PGP, but I would prefer to use GNUPG(I like to stick
to packages that can be updated easily via RPM) Is there a
command-line equivalent to the implementation below (I'm including a
smll piece of the MiniVend manual)

To enable automated encryption of the credit card information, you need
to define the directive CreditCardAuto to yes. EncryptProgram also needs
to be
defined with some value, one which will, with hope, encrypt the number.
PGP is now recommended above all other encryption program. The entries
look something like:

  CreditCardAuto   Yes
  EncryptProgram   /usr/bin/pgpe -fat -r

Joseph Conrad