Question - Where to get binary version of GnuPG for unix?

Lars Hecking
Sun, 2 Jul 2000 03:42:14 +0100

John Saylor writes:

> Hi
> ( 00.07.02 03:14 +1000 ) Scott Laughton:
> > I can only do things through perl scripts and FTP. I can create
> > dir's upload/download, delete and rename files as well as set their
> > permissions. I need to get a pre compiled version of GunPG for Unix so
> > that I can just upload it and set the correct permissions to be able to
> > configure it and interface with a perl script via CGI.
> I'm going to hope that you're just inexpereinced [or trolling].
Be easy on Scott. There is absolutely no evidence to assume trolling.
> Security is more involved than software. There are so many holes
> possible in that set up that it's shorter to make a list of what's OK in
> it [using GPG] instead of what's wrong with it.
> Here's a better idea- get a 486, install OpenBSD [FreeBSD or Linux would
> be OK too, but less secure ...] and setup things there. And perl and CGI
> can be used securely, but they're most often not.
I agree with all of that. Especially if I compare the number of FreeBSD related post on bugtraq to those related to OBSD ... but I digress ;-) However, he didn't say *which* version/variant of Unix. gpg must be suid root on most Unices (for mlock). suid is generally not a good idea. While there might be Unix binaries available, I would rather recommend to compile your own, even if it involves installing a compiler. There are just too many ways to shoot yourself in the foot, even with apache. Remember, their web site got hacked. Because of admin sloppiness. So, Scott, if you give us some more details, we might be able to give better advice. -- Tia ma aven Moridin isainde vadin.