Announcing secret-agent 0.8

Robert Bihlmeyer
15 Jul 2000 22:15:32 +0200

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I'd like to inform you of the release of secret-agent 0.8. It is a
small utility to store secrets in memory.

One of its main uses (and the reason I write to this list) is as a
store for GPG passphrases for configurable time-span. An example
session will probably go a long way of explaining it:

$ eval `secret-agent`
$ secret-client -t 600 put E6583EFB "Robert Bihlmeyer (GPG)"
[here I enter the passphrase]
$ agpg -ba a-file
[a-file is signed without me having to enter the passphrase]
$ agpg -ba b-file
$ sleep 600
$ agpg -ba c-file
[this will fail, because the secret has timed out]

This will also work with any application calling gpg (MUAs etc.) as
long as you can make them call the agpg wrapper instead of the real
thing. This mail was (hopefully <g>) signed with the help of

secret-agent is GPL'd. The URL is

I hope you will find it as useful as I have. Bug reports and success
stories should go to <>.


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