Announcing secret-agent 0.8

John S. J. Anderson
17 Jul 2000 07:51:16 -0400

>>>>> "Robbe" == Robert Bihlmeyer <> writes:
Robbe> This will also work with any application calling gpg (MUAs Robbe> etc.) as long as you can make them call the agpg wrapper Robbe> instead of the real thing. This mail was (hopefully <g>) signed Robbe> with the help of secret-agent. I see from your headers that you're using Gnus with XEmacs -- care to briefly share how you integrated Secret Agent with Mailcrypt? (Or, if you're not using Mailcrypt, please give details of your set-up.) Possibly wandering off-topic, so please feel free to mail just to me if you think appropriate. Thanks, john. -- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ John S Jacobs Anderson ]------><> [ Genehack: Not your daddy's weblog ]------><URL:>