Revoking key

André Dahlqvist
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 17:44:32 +0200


I would like to revoke a key that I have been using up until now,
mainly because I chose a too big key size when I created it (2048).
Another reason is that I have gotten the impression from the GnuPG
changelog that decryption is faster with keys generated with v1.0.2, ir
this correct? The key I want to revoke has been spread to keyservers.

After reading the GnuPG manual it seams I have two options, either use
--revoke-key or edit the key and run revkey on it. If I choose the
latter, is it enough to first run "key 1" followed by "revkey"? Can I
then just send it to a keyserver, and rest assured that my old key will
not be used any more?

// André