PGP -m functionality in GPG?

Paul Holcomb
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 12:39:12 -0600

 I'm trying to convert our user base from PGP 2.x to GPG, but I have
 two outstanding issues that I can't figure out, both related to the
 PGP "-m (to force display of plaintext only (no output file)) flag.

*) Many of our old files are created with this flag, and under PGP
 when you decrypt, it says that its "for your eyes only", and then
 lets you press Y and read it, press q when you are done, and it is
 wiped from the screen.

 Under GPG, it refuses to do anything with it unless I use -o.  If I
 use -o to a file, I've just written it to disk, and "-o -" works to
 display it to STDOUT, but then it's in the scrollback of the window.
 Both of these results are undesired.
 Anyone know how to produce the PGP handling of this type of file in GPG?

*)  Secondly, since we like using this functionality, I want to know
 how to create files of this maner using GPG.


PS.  Are there plans to have the mail archives searchable?

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