passphrase in memory, how ?

Michal Hajek
Sat, 11 Mar 2000 13:47:35 +0100

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Hello, thank you for promt reply,  :)
My problem is little bit weird, since, I have tried=20
set pgp_timeout=3D something
where something was about 3600 (not quite sure about the exact value)

but, as far as I know the number means how meny seconds the passphrase
will be stored in memory. 3600 means that I do not need to write again
my passphrase for 1 hour. ok ?
I would like to have passphrase in memory for consederable longer time,
say a day or even without any limit.
That is why I tried=20
set pgp_timeout=3D43200, which is 12 hours.

So where is the problem ?=20
The problem arised after I tried this bigger value.=20
After I restarted mutt, I have to type passphrase every time, doesn't
matter when I wrote last email.
My pgp section in .muttrc is:
####   PGP stuff
 set pgp_autosign
 set   pgp_default_version=3Dgpg=20
 set   pgp_replyencrypt=20
 set nopgp_replysign   =20
 set   pgp_sign_micalg=3D"pgp-md5"=20
 set   pgp_timeout=3D43200 =20
 set   pgp_verify_sig=3Dyes=20

Best regards =20
Michal Hajek

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