decrypting input, not a file...

James H. Cloos Jr.
21 May 2000 17:10:20 -0500

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Evad <> writes:
Paul> but, if you are dealing with cycling through a database of Paul> encrypted bits of information, needing to decrypt on the Paul> fly.. short of writing everything to files (performance issue?) Paul> is there a better way? Yes, but it requires an extension to php. Unlike, eg perl or python or etc, php cannot yet run a subcommand with multiple pipes between parent and child. Were it able to, the solution is to do what the gui frontend(s?) to gpg do: a pipe for the plaintext, one for the cyphertext, one for the passphrase (as required), for for statii and one for stderr. A proposed syntax would be to extend php's popen() to take either an array of direction strings, or a multi-char string of directions to signify more than one pipe. It would then return an array of FDs, one for each pipe. -JimC -- James H. Cloos, Jr. <URL:> 1024D/ED7DAEA6 <> E9E9 F828 61A4 6EA9 0F2B 63E7 997A 9F17 ED7D AEA6 Check out TGC: <URL:>