Calling GPG from Perl from Procmail from...

Dave Wilson
Thu, 25 May 2000 13:59:41 +0100

Hi there,

I have a script that I would like to run on incoming email messages,
conditional on the GnuPG signature on each incoming message being verified.

At the moment I'm using procmail to run a perl script containing
the following:

($message contains the signed message read from STDIN; I write to ao
tmpfile because I need to be able to access the message after GnuPG
is finished with it. If there's a cleaner way, please feel free to

open( OUT , ">$tmpfile" ) or die "Couldn't open $tmpfile: $!";
print OUT $message;
close OUT;

$good = system "/usr/local/bin/gpg --verify $tmpfile --output /dev/null"  ;

As far as I can tell, GnuPG returns an exit code of zero iff the signature
was successfully verified. The rest of the script is conditional on
$good == 0. This works fine when I run it from the command line. However,
when run on an incoming message from Procmail, STDERR presents this:

gpg: Signature made Wed May 24 23:40:34 2000 IST using DSA key ID 4C290F7E
gpg: Good signature from "HEAnet WBC address <>"
gpg: cannot open /dev/tty: Device not configured

What is the correct way to invoke GnuPG from a script?

Many thanks,

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