Gnupg & PGP6.5.1i

Tobi Klein
Sat, 27 May 2000 13:25:59 +0200

Hi everybody,

is it possible to use the Gnupg1.0.1-keys (sec & public) in PGP6.5.1i ?
Well I tried to import the Gnupg-keys into the Win-version of PGP6.5.1i, it
seems that the public-key succeeded but the sec-key wouldn't work. Every
time I want to encrypt a message with the sec-key under PGP6.5.1i it won't
accept the MANTRA/Passphrase ...

any hints on this? Btw, when will the Win-version of Gnupg be ready :) it
seems that this would be the best solution to exchange the keys probably.