Gnupg & PGP6.5.1i - 2nd

Tobi Klein
Sat, 27 May 2000 14:44:21 +0200

Hi again,

now I tried to import the PGP keys in Gnupg.

# gpg --import secring.skr
# gpg --import pubring.pkr

Wow, and it seemed to work: I encrypted and signed a message under
win-pgp6.5.1i and send it to my linux-box. I fired up pine with
pgp4pine-support and I could encrypt the message under linux-gnupg!

But now, when I try to encrypt&sign a message under linux-gnupg it fails:

----->8 snip 8<------

You know all recipient keys. You may:
a)Sign and encrypt the message

Make your choice [a]:
gpg: übersprungen '039F0E4EC992085F7': Geheimer Schlüssel nicht vorhanden
gpg: /tmp/sf000475: sign+encrypt failed: Geheimer Schlüssel nicht vorhanden

----->8 snip 8<------

humpf... any hints on this ? or is it impossible to use pgp keys with gnupg?

best regards,