Lost Secret Key

Robert Black Eagle rbe@flash.net
Sat, 11 Nov 2000 17:31:42 GMT

I have asked this question repeatedly, but in response to something else, 
so here it is separated.  I generated a key pair using gnupg 1.0.3.  I 
recently upgraded to 1.0.4 (deleted 1.0.3). The upgrade preserved my 
<usr>/.gnupg directory and both secret and public rings as well as the 
options file.  When I run a check in 1.0.4 on the secret key ring, it 
gives "invalid key" as a result.  I am running eDesktop 2.4 (linux) on a 
586 (200 Mhz), 128 MB system.

Geheimnis (perhaps Staatliche Geheimnisse would be a better name), can't 
find it at all and GPA finds it, but won't encrypt with it or decrypt 
files sent to me using the old public key.

Simple question: what happened to the key or what change in 1.0.4 would 
invalidate the key?  Can it be fixed, or do I need to regenerate a new 

Black Eagle

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