how to read sent & encrypted mails

Jason Martin
Wed, 15 Nov 2000 12:47:16 -0800 (PST)

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> Whenever I send encrypted mail, it is put in my sent-folder, too. The
> problem is, I cannot read it, since it is encrypted to the recipient.
This is actually a feature, since then you can't be compelled to show what you sent someone, and if your secret key is compromised it can't be used to decrypt what you sent other people. However, not everybody likes this, so there is a workaround.
> What should I do? Send a Bcc to myself and double-encrypt the message?
Essentially yes. Depending on how mutt handles the gpg invocation, you could add a default for it to encrypt it to your key as well. This will make the message a little longer, as the session key is encrypted to yourself and added to the message, meaning it is in the message twice.
> Does this confuse the average pgp(gpg)-user? Are there better solutions?
I wouldn't think so, as the 'average' user only cares if they can decrypt the messagel I suspect correctly setting the 'default key' or something like that will make the no-secret-key message go away.
> why I should not double-encrypt my mail or why *only* the recipient
> should able to read a message.
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