FD usage

GaryP GaryP@e-c-s-uk.com
Thu, 16 Nov 2000 12:14:40 -0000

  One further question on this, --status-fd=2   why is this 2? what does
the 2 represent? also --passphrase-fd=0, what does the 0 represent? I
assume they represent stdio, but which is in and which out?

  Is the usage of 'fd' documented anywhere? 

  I'm a little unsure of which values i should be passing in for the
--status-fd etc to allow me to read the status from stdio?

  Will using FD allow me to recognise the need to enter a password, and
then use stdin to write the password to gpg? if so how do i configure
this with the command line options? is this what the --passphrase-fd=0
command is for?

  In case this makes any difference to the usage of --status-fd I'm
using it from within code much like winPT does, after creating pipes for



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From: Werner Koch [mailto:wk@gnupg.org]

>> Is it possible to use file descriptors with the windows version of
>> gpg?
>Sure. Windows has a function call named CreatePipe() and several
>other functions which work like fd stuff (GetStdHandle etc.). The
>difference to Posix is that it might not be an small integer and
>that certain semantics don't apply.
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