gnupg and pgp

Clemens Hermann
Sat, 18 Nov 2000 10:50:55 +0100

Hi together,

hopefully this is not a FAQ. In case it is - just point me to the FAQ.
I installed Mutt 1.2.5i & gnupg 1.0.4 on debian Linux. It works fine so far but I have some difficulties when my corresponding person does use PGP and not GnuPG.

Now my questions:
Is GnuPG completely compatible with PGP Version 5+? I found some information on GnuPG and PGP 2 but at the moment it is not interesting for me and I did not find any information on PGP 5+ and GnuPG.
Problems occur only when using the sign optin. Encryption works fine.
Can I use my old-pgp 5+ keypair in GnuPG? Are there any disadvantages in using PGP Keyrings instead GnuPG keyrings?

Finally: What must I do to be able to communicate with all newer versions of PGP? Are there any sites on the issue?

thanks in advance for any hints


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