File size limit in GnuPG???

Mon, 27 Nov 2000 18:56:45 -0500

   Hi, this is a little off topic, so please don't use any expletives
after you read this!   :-)
   Some of you are aware that Timo has been working tirelessly on a
Windows frontend for the Win32 version on GnuPG, and his efforts have
yielded WinPT.  WinPT basically looks and feels like PGP-Tray does.  It
sits in your windows system tray until you right-click on it and all
sorts of wonderful things happen.  He's still working on it and it's
coming along nicely.

   However, he needs an ICON for the program.  He originally used a
padlock, and apparently the NAI people (who now own PGP) yelled at him!

As a temporary fix he changed the padlock to one of the icons from the GPA page, and when I mentioned to him that I thought WinPT needed its OWN icon, apparently he had been thinking the same thing and came up with the idea of a contest. My main complaint when using the (very nice, I might add) GPA icon was that when it got reduced to fit into the system tray (Windoze system-tray icons are smaller than regular icons), the key was no longer visible against the envelope. So now on Timo's site he has a page listing the rules of the WinPT Icon Creation Contest. The page can be found here: If I were an artist, I'd go for it, but my artistic talents are fairly worthless. :-) having said that, my one suggestion would be to make it so that it is recognizable as both a full-sized icon, and when it's reduced for the system-tray..... but then again, what do I know. :-) So by all means, indulge yourselves. :-) Rich... -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to