usability of GnuPG

B. Kavouras
Mon, 09 Oct 2000 12:13:47 -0400


I just installed GnuPG on my Debian 2.2 system and it works fine for me,
I found a program (XFMail) that incorporates it well.  However, most of
my friends and family do not use GNU/Linux (their loss), so having them
use a command-line utility (gnupg.exe) for Windows would be a fairly
daunting/annoying task for most of them.  Are there any email clients
for Windows that can utilize GnuPG?   Or, can they use regular PGP to
decode my key?  If not, is there a HOWTO regarding how to decrypt emails
with the Win utility?

Any help would be most appreciated...

B. Kavouras

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