GnuPG Libraries

Vladimir Cvejanovic
Wed, 11 Oct 2000 23:01:05 +0100


I'm working on a PGP project and I've chosen to base it on GnuPG.  I'm trying
to write a program which amongst other things would allow the user to extract
the IDEA session key from a message encrypted with their public key.

I basicaly need to get hold of some development tools to do this.  Is there a
suitable c++ library out there?  I havent had much luck in finding anything.
Also I need to be able to view RSA keys in a form in which I may be able to
make some sence of them (i.e. not in ASCII armour) and posibly find a way to
extract modified or partial versions of the private key, which would suffice
for verification purposes.

If any of you have done any work on this, or if you know where I can get a hold
of some c++ libraries pleace let me know (CC me )

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