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Jack McKinney
Mon, 16 Oct 2000 12:05:27 -0500


    How does one delete a signature from a key?  I am currently playing
around with GnuPG before using it (checking out how it implements all
of the options, etc.).  I created a key, and then signed it with a key
I created from another machine.  Then, I deleted the key from the other
machine, and my copy of it on my key ring.  Now, my key has a signature
that is unidentified because the key that signed it is not on the ring.
    So, I use gpg --edit-key.  'help' at the command prompt there revealed
the delsig command.  Typing delsig produces 'You must select at least one
user ID.'  I tried typing delsig followed by the keyID of the key, and
that didn't work.  Typing 'list' listed the key on my key ring I was
editing, with a '(1)' next to my email and name, which made me think that
perhaps I should type 'delsig 1'.  Two problems: the email listed was for
my key, not the remote key, meaning that it could represent my self-sig,
not the remote one.  Also, the other one wasn't listed at all.  Typing
'check' listed the valid self-sig, and the unidentified sig.  Still no
clue how to tell delsig which sig to delete.

    I did a 'fgrep -il delsig *' in the gpg-1.0.3/doc directory to no
avail.  How do I use the delsig command???

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