Perl Wrapper for GPG?

19 Oct 2000 12:32:33 -0700

>>>>> "FT" == Frank Tobin <> writes:
FT> Why would anyone want to re-implement OpenPGP in Perl when one FT> should be relying on existing implementations? OpenPGP FT> functionality cannot simply be wrapped inside a "crypt" call. The main reason to write an XSUB interface rather than passing things off to another process is, of course, performance. For developer-time optimization, Lee, I'd recommend using the existing If run-time optimization is important, or if you're just really hot to write an XSUB, you're kind of out of luck as far as GnuPG is concerned -- there's no packaged library available. You *may* be able to rip apart the code and make a library out of it (hooray for Free Software!), but nobody's done it yet so I assume it's not a trivial exercise. Another option is using the CTC library: ...which is a GPL'd PGP-compatible library. I don't have any info on it except that I've downloaded it and wasn't able to build it. ~Mr. Bad -- ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ /\____/\ Mr. Bad <> \ / Pigdog Journal | | *Stay*Real*Bad* | (X \x) ( ((**) "If it's not bad, don't do it. \ <vvv> If it's not crazy, don't say it." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -- Archive is at - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to