Compiling on old Digital Unix

Brian Salter-Duke
Sun, 22 Oct 2000 10:49:51 +0930

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I have just compiled GnuPG for the first time on a Digital Unix using the
Digital cc compiler. It was the latest version - 1.0.4.

Some C compilers and the DU is one of them ignore lines such as "#ifdef
=2E." unless the # is in the 1st column (showing my Fortran upbringing - I
mean the 1st position on the line). This gives lots of errors. It was a
boring job to edit out all the spaces and tabs before #. Could the
developers please change this? It is a seriously bad thing to do. Not all
of us use gcc all the time.

When I run gpg, it tells me I do not have secure memory. OK I understand
this, but the message does not go away if I add "no-secmem-warning'. The
same happens with an old AIX 3.2.5 box. Here making gpg suid root also
does not make the warning go away. I have not tried that on DU. This
came up on the mutt list and I was told it was because I do not have
mlock. ./configure certainly says it has not found mlock. Is this
correct? Does mlock exist someway else on DU and AIX?

Regards, Brian.
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