understanding what gnugp can do

Armin Hartinger armin@pctechware.com
Mon, 23 Oct 2000 11:01:14 -0700

I'll look around for some opensource winlose email client... shouldn't be too hard
to bastardize it... or is it? Any suggestions?


Jack McKinney wrote:

> Big Brother tells me that Armin Hartinger wrote:
> > I probably commit something like a sacrilegue here, but I need a windows-gpg
> > capable email client (for my wife mostly). Anything out there?
> Quite so. Go to the Mountain Dew fountain and say three "Hail, Linus"'s.
> Then, consider putting putty on her windoze box so that she can ssh
> to a unix box and run mutt there...
> There _is_ (so I hear) a project to make a windoze interface, but I
> could never find anything on it. Someone once posted a link in this
> regard: http://www.gnupg.org/gpa. However, this was about writing
> a KDE or GNOME interface or something and I didn't see any mention of
> windoze.
> OTOH, I have seen a lot of complaints about the way Microsoft Outlook
> formats messages encrypted with gpg, so there ought to be _something_...
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