Why stpcpy : Build problem : Solaris 2.6

Lars Hecking lhecking@nmrc.ie
Mon, 4 Sep 2000 14:05:24 +0100

Werner Koch writes:

> On Mon, 4 Sep 2000, David T. Bath wrote:
> > Why does gnupg 1.1.1 use stpcpy rather than strcpy.
> > Even the linux manpages seem to indicate it is deprecated.
> My man pages doesn't say so. It is a very convenient function.
> The problem is that something is wrong with the configure script.
> There is a replacement function somewhere.
The configure script is ok, but the replacement function doesn't get used everywhere, apparently. Undefined first referenced symbol in file stpcpy .libs/libgcrypt.so $ nm -o gcrypt/*.lo | grep stpc gcrypt/sexp.lo: U stpcpy I think there's a -ljnlib or two missing ... -- Archive is at http://lists.gnupg.org - Unsubscribe by sending mail with a subject of "unsubscribe" to gnupg-users-request@gnupg.org